Rebel Sport is a dynamic brand, always on the forefront in sporting products, shoes and garments. When a last-minute change in stock forced Rebel Sport to promote alternative products in a forthcoming campaign they approached SBM with the challenge. The campaign photo shoot had already taken place, and re-shooting wasn’t an option for them. SBM’s creative production team, Colourpedia, were engaged to find a retouching solution quickly and effectively.

The existing hero shot was retained as the main campaign image, however Colourpedia set to work on replacing the garments and shoes in the image that were changing to alternative stock. This allowed Rebel Sport to maintain its campaign launch, while at the same time giving consumers a visually accurate representation of the new range available in store. The Colourpedia team made sure the new details were not only accurate to both garment design and colour, but also sympathetic to the environment in the existing shot – carrying over light and shading details. This attention to detail ensured the retouching was seamless.


Rebel Photography Shoot Retouching

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