Howards Storage World wanted to change the current format and perception of their catalogues, they approached SBM to find a solution that didn’t alter the brand image, but re-invented the desire within the catalogues. Rather than an in-store distribution, they opted for a mail out distribution in select demographics that coincided with market research and sales results. SBM and Point Creative Agency designed the catalogue with less printed pages and a higher ratio of product per page for economy of the new distribution, while maintaining a sophisticated feel and premium product to content ratio. The change in catalogue design for larger production and the letterbox dropped distribution, aided consumer in store traffic.

Point Creative Agency developed an over-arching visual for the catalogue range, with each catalogue sporting a unique theme while staying true to the brand by highlighting storage solutions trends aimed at driving stock sales.

The stock focus for each issue allowed the catalogues to feel unique enough to inspire consumers to engage with each new catalogue, with Point Creative Agency developing a mud map that determined the best structure to bring key products to life and illustrate the co-functionality of their key ranges.

Photography was shot by Pixel Studios and directed by Point Creative Agency staying true to the concept. With the two SBM brands working together to develop styling that allowed the Howards Storage World to showcase the premium nature of its brand. Colourpedia worked through the retouching on each shot, ensuring each product was colour matched with accuracy and presented in the most authentic way.

ClientHowards Storage WorldServicesArt direction, design, photography, retouching

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