When the NSW Department of Education approached SBM with the need for an agency to handle the data, design and printing of their annual NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge collateral, we knew that a combination of the SBM brands could work together to achieve an amazing result that would save the NSW Department of Education time and money.

After discussing the requirements and outputs of the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge; Point Creative Agency, SAAS and Indigo Print Centre worked together to determine the most efficient and user friendly experience we could design that would allow the children and parents to engage and partake, while at the same time allow the NSW Department of Education the ability to collate data on the fly and easily translate this data into printed certificates to reward participants.

Point Creative Agency and SAAS set out to evaluate the best user interface (UI) for all stakeholders, and how this could be achieved in a modern and child friendly design. Point Creative Agency created the interface designs along with the final certificate graphics in line with the current NSW Department of Education branding. Behind the scenes, SAAS developed the app to collate, store and sort the data and then deliver the critical certificate information to Indigo Print Centre to output the certificates and deliver to each of the schools participating.

ClientDepartment of EducationServicesApp design and development, data management, campaign design, printing.

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